Exalting Christ

Jesus Christ is preeminent in all we do.

Equipping the saints

Edifying believers in the Holy Scriptures.

Evangelizing the lost

Fulfilling the great commission one soul at a time.


The Good News is all about Jesus

What Does the Scripture Say is devoted to bringing Christ-centered teaching to equip Christians on how to share their faith simply, biblically and without fear.

We have numerous Gospel Outreaches (GO!) throughout the year where believers can join in the work of evangelism through prayer or personal one-on-one witnessing opportunities. This year we have a goal of giving away the following numbers of biblical resources. See our exciting 2020 Year in Review report.

Gospel Tracts



Get Equipped

Learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, biblically.

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Pray for God’s Work

Prayer is a major part of the work of evangelism. We know God is the One who opens hearts and minds as we proclaim the Good news of Jesus. Therefore we need to engage the Holy Spirit by prayer to move in people’s lives.


“I am encouraged by your love and compassion for the lost.”
Jon Neifert

“You have helped me and many other Christians in this pursuit. You demonstrate a commitment to Scripture and the doctrines of the church as you help believers and unbelievers connect those truths with the reality we live in. You are a great teacher and story-teller that helps others see how they can participate and how God works through them to glorify Him alone. “

“You are a tremendous blessing!”
Roger Galitz

“Your work in the Lord has equipped and encouraged me (as well as countless others) to boldly and joyfully proclaim the Gospel to the lost; who are so clearly loved by you and our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Sign up for our next Gospel Outreach

You can make a difference today by signing up to join us for our various Gospel Outreaches (GO!).

Beginners are welcome to come and learn from experienced evangelists. No pressure to speak with strangers. Simply watch and pray for the people the Lord brings us.

Christmas Morning Homeless Ministry

Over the last several years, a group of various families have greatly enjoyed ministering the gospel on Christmas morning to the homeless at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. We provide homeless folks with coffee, hot chocolate, breakfast, lunch bags, and various articles of clothing. We hand out gospel tracts and Bibles, listen to their life stories and share the love of Christ with them. Of course, the best part of the outreach is the opportunity to minister the gospel in one on one conversations with them.   All the families that come feel blessed that we can minister with our children, first thing Christmas morning and give the gospel to those who are hurting and most in need. It’s a great way to teach our children about the preeminence of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. Afterwards, we go home and open up all the earthly treasures and have fun that way too.  Would you be interested in participating in this Christmas morning outreach to the homeless? In addition to breakfast drinks and donuts, we plan on handing out lunch bags with turkey or ham sandwiches, bags of Doritos, fresh fruit and a Coke or bottled water. Please let me know if you’d be able to make or bring cookies in snack bags so we…
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Bringing the Gospel to the World

In Morelia, Mexico a group of over 100 volunteers will be going from house to house, village to village, sharing the glorious gospel of grace with the beautiful people of Mexico. Many families and children are very poor and need to hear the message of hope in Jesus.

Raised: $1750.00
Goal: $2000.00

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