“Angles of the Cross” Zoom Bible Study

Starting on Monday October 2nd, at 8pm EDT we’ll be holding a six-week online Bible study to dig deeper into the gospel. The gospel is simple enough for a child to understand, repent & believe and be saved, yet the gospel is also so deep that even the most learned theologican can spend his life studying and never plumb the depths of it.

My good friend and mentor Harold Mally came up with the phrase “Angles of the Cross” to describe the various perspectives the Bible gives us on the cross work of Christ. We’ll be digging into God’s Word to behold the beauty of the following glorious doctrines. These are all biblical terms and as we dig deeper into the gospel we will find a gold mine of truths not only for our own souls, but for everyone that we get to share Christ with.

The link to join the Zoom based, interactive Bible study is https://go.whatdoesthescripturesay.org/just Feel free to invite your friends.

Justification – Monday Oct 2, 2023 8pm EDT

Propitiation – Monday Oct 9, 2023 8pm EDT

Regeneration – Monday Oct 16, 2023 8pm EDT

Adoption – Monday Oct 23, 2023 8pm EDT

Reconciliation – Monday Oct 30, 2023 8pm EDT

Redemption – Monday Nov 6, 2023 8pm EDT

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3 thoughts on ““Angles of the Cross” Zoom Bible Study

  1. Looking forward to it. So far I should be able to make every one. For my devotionals this year I plan on dong what you said during your Testify Mentor Training at the Iowa State Fair and studying one angle per month. I hope this will help me articulate the gospel to those who don’t know anything about the Bible and lack the foundation of the Old Testament. See you soon!

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